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"I shouldn’t be here. I should be at home. Should have a job that keeps the capitalist wheels oiled. Should sleep in a bed, pay rent, pay taxes, pay insurance, pay pension. I should get married, become a mother, run the household, get up in the morning and go to sleep at night. I should care for the garden, sweep leaves, wash my car. Wait for the weekend, count my holidays, spend summer swimming and winter skiing. I should always be available, predictable. But that’s not who I am. That’s who I will never be. 

This is my life, my rebellion. A rebellion that belongs to me alone, that doesn’t hurt anyone."









Als blinde Passagierin mit dem Güterzug durch das Herz Amerikas

Riva Verlag


349 Seiten 

32 Bildseiten mit 64 Farbfotografien

ISBN Print 978-3-7423-0436-0


Zach, me, Noah and Sarawh

Richmond / Virginia, May 2017

Jack Norcross wrote a poem

New Orleans / Louisiana, June 2017

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